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Personalised sandbags made to order. Contact us directly for a quote.
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The Sandbag

Plain sandbag. Simple yet effective, mainly for squatting, carries, pressing and over the shoulder. Our plain sandbags are single skinned. Sandbags 50kg and heavier are made with a round base and a circumference of 110cm; lower weight bags are made in a pillow shape with a smaller circumference.

Weights & Prices
Weight Price
10 – 15 kg £25
20, 25 & 30 kg £30
35 & 40 kg £35
45, 50 & 60 kg £45
65, 70 & 75kg £55
80kg + Price on request

All tie top sandbags include a ring and cable tie.

You will need sand, gaffa tape and a golf ball/lacrosse ball (our preference being golf!)

Prices do not include personalisation, sand, postage or packaging.

The SandBall

Sandballs (barrel bag/stump) are mainly used for cleans, pressing, single shoulder carries and versatile enough to be used for squatting and carries. The Sandballs are double skinned (separate inner) with a larger circumference than the Sandbags; the 130cm circumference can make it a little more ‘grippy’.

Weights & Prices
Weight Price
20 – 30 kg £55
40 kg £60
50 kg £60
60 kg £65
70 kg + Price on request

All sandballs are double skinned.

Prices do not include personalisation,  sand, postage or packaging.


Our 2 and 4 man worms use similar inner segments allowing you to use the outer skins interchangeably whether in the 4 man or 2 man skin. Inner segments are prepared for you so all you need to do is add sand to the ordered weight when you receive them – these are typically prepared for you to add weight of 20/30/40/45kg. A 4 man worm would require 4 weighted inner segments, 3 spacers which separate the segments and the outer skin; the 2 man worm 2 weighted inner segments and one spacer.
Worm Length Price
2 man/ 1.5m in length (2 weighted segments) £225
4 man/3m in length (2 weighted segments) £500

Choose the weight of each segment for your worm.

Additional segments sold separately at £50.

Prices do not include sand, postage or packaging.

Tactical Bags

A very versatile piece of kit for functional training. With lighter loads that shift, due to the independent inner, a bag that you can use to up the ante… run, lunge, toss, clean, press and floor work. Also, check out our tactical-lite bag with fewer handles if that’s your thing!

Weights & Prices
Weight Price
Tactical Bag: Medium 20 – 30kg £84
Tactical Bag: Large 35kg to 60kg £90
Tactical Lite: 20kg / 30kg £45
Weight filler 10kg, 20 to 30kg each or made to order £15

Tactical bags are made to order – price is size and design dependent.

Prices do not include personalisation, sand, postage or packaging.

Our Approach & Pledge

We pride ourselves in building and providing you with quality kit. Our pledge to you is to immediately replace any products with any manufacturing faults, in the event these slip through our rigorous quality checks.


Our kit can be crafted to the individual, gym or event. Get in touch with us about getting your order personalised with your logo.


We use 1000 denier Cordura, Nylon, PU Coated (polyurethane coated) to be waterproof. It is very hard-wearing fabric and has excellent anti abrasion properties. All seams are triple stitched at a minimum using twisted bonded and lubricated multi-filament polyester thread which has excellent UV, rot and mildew resistance.

For other component parts we will always select what we believe to be the highest quality and most robust parts such as Velcro brand hook and loop, and polypropylene webbing (straps) with a break strength of 1000kg, high mildew and rot resistance and high abrasive quality.

Contact Us


At tfench we make all of our products to order. 


To order please complete the below form with as much detail as possible or send us a message if you have any queries or would like a quote. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


For orders we will send you a payment link. We aim to turnaround and ship your order within 2 working days (excludes tactical bags and worms).  


Approx shipping costs for small orders: within the UK - £10, to Ireland £20. Orders outside the UK vary - please provide a full address and we will calculate shipping for you. For larger orders we will send you a separate price. 


Colour options for fabric: Black, olive, navy, burgundy, grey (other colors are available however may effect turnaround times if not in stock)


Embroidery of weight, tfench and personalisation:  Most colours except gold and silver are available. Note no charge for a name or phrase over COVID19 . For logos we will send you an email with details and costs. 


You can also message us on facebook or instagram, email us at or write directly below.